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Madu Ganga Boat Safari
Balapitiya’s Floating Forest
Madu Ganga Boat Safari
Discover the Exotic Mangroves of Balapitiya
Embarking on a boat safari along the Madu Ganga (river) is like entering a hidden world. These expansive mangroves are rich in biodiversity and house numerous species of endemic flora and fauna. This unique experience appeals to all travellers. Be sure to keep an eye out for animals like birds, monitor lizards, and even crocodiles as you glide across the glassy emerald waters.
Distance From Hotel (13.6km) 23 minute drive
Enrich Your Beach Getaway
The Madu Ganga is in proximity to the coast, making it an exciting and easy excursion from our property. This expansive river is peppered with islets, and on the larger islands, cinnamon is grown.On your safari, you can visit one of these islands to learn about the intricate process of how this fragrant spice is grown. Should you have any questions about this experience, our team will be eager to assist you.
Key Highlights
  • In order to fully appreciate the beauty of Madu Ganga, the boat safari will take between one to two hours.
  • Some local families living along the river have introduced ‘fish therapy’ where you can dip your feet into one of these makeshift tanks within the river and have a unique ‘spa’ experience.
  • Wear your hat, sunglasses, and apply sunblock, and mosquito repellent.
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